Fargo-Moorhead Police Chiefs Address Crime and Safety Concerns Directly

All three cities say property crimes and drug-related issues are prevalent

MOORHEAD, MN– Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo police chiefs are speaking directly to people about the community’s crime and safety situation.

The three chiefs spoke at Tuesday morning’s Eggs and Issues event hosted by The Chamber.

All three cities see property crimes and drug-related issues as prevalent.

Addiction-driven behavior and mental health are also major areas of concern.

“When there are relationships, when there is trust among not only law enforcement but with everyone that we serve every day, everyone is more likely to cooperate together and help us find out and eliminate those crimes,” West Fargo Police Chief Heith Janke said.

“We’re all one team,” Moorhead Police Chief Shannon Monroe said. “We all basically have the same goal in mind even though we may have different functions within that goal. So, I think today is good because I think people see that we are all working together.”

“Number one, I think the audience appreciates our partnerships and that we recognize that we get things done through relationships and partnerships with each other,” Fargo Police Chief David Todd said. “Number two, I think it is eye opening for them to hear some of the issues that we’re dealing with.”

The three cities, along with other agencies, continue to meet for intelligence led-policing meetings.


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