NDSU’s Moton in Rarefied Air at NCAA Track and Field Championships

Moton is competing in the shot put and the javelin

AUSTIN, Texas — On Wednesday, competition opens up for the NCAA Track and Field Championships.

North Dakota State has 11 entries in the national meet, two of which come from redshirt freshman Akealy Moton.

Moton is set to compete in both the shot put and the javelin, which is a rare feat.

It’s so rare, in fact, that the two events overlap each other with the timing, so Moton had to arrange special circumstances to be able to compete in both.

“They’re definitely two totally different things,” she said. “At different points, I definitely find myself throwing a shot put like a jav and shoot it. It’s a whole weird thing. With jav, my main focus is that I try to keep my arm back and try to throw it hard. I haven’t really learned a lot of technique about jav because nothing has really clicked yet for me, but we still have three years to work on that.”

The javelin competition is at 6:15 Thursday night, and the shot put is at 7:10 p.m.

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