Memorial for a Fargo Judge Helps People with their Golf Game

The new practice areas are dedicated to Judge Rodney Webb for his love of golf and the community.


FARGO, N.D.– A Fargo judge’s memorial is helping people with their golf game.

The new practice areas are dedicated to Judge Rodney Webb for his love of golf and the community.

“It’s a really special day for the Webb family,” said Judge Wade Webb, Rodney’s son. “So kind of different organizations, different folks to get involved to create such a beautiful park for all ages, young and old. It’s a great memorial to my father.”

“He was not only a great community member, but also a very strong community member in North Fargo,” said the executive director for the Fargo Park District, Joel Vettel. “So this is his neighborhood, this is where he walked and bicycled for numerous years, and golfed here at Edgewood Golf Course. Just a man who really fit in this community as a whole.”

Judge Rodney Webb’s grandchildren had the honor of making the first putt on the new green.

“Just heartwarming. We’ve been incredibly blessed with a wonderful father. He was a great community member in many different ways, not only a judge but active in the community here in North Fargo, Edgewood golf course. This is a place where we grew up together. It’s just wonderful that the community could remember my father this way,” added Webb.

The new area is designed for people to practice their techniques.

People of all ages can practice their putts, chips and bunker shots at up to 40 yards.

Friends and family came out to support the Webbs and try out the new practice area.

“We’re proud to honor him; its community, its partnership; its honoring great people that did great things in our community. It allows people to get out enjoy the day, enjoy our beautiful facility, but more importantly be a part of a healthy environment and being outside,” added Vettel.

“This is my dad. An open park like this where anyone can come, they can golf they can visit, get together and talk about the weather, talk about football, politics anything. He loves this kind of thing, he spent a lot of time here and this is such a wonderful memorial to him,” added Webb.

The Webb family, the Fargo Park District, and Comstock Development all contributed to the park.

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