Steve Gehrtz Steps Down from Moorhead City Council

Gehrtz served on the Council for the past seven and half years

MOORHEAD, Minn. — After seven and half years as a member of the Moorhead City Council, Steve Gehrtz announced at Monday night’s meeting he will resign.

Gehrtz admits the decision was not an easy one. After much thought, he decided he wanted to find a healthier balance between managing his construction company and enjoying his personal life.

The representative of Moorhead’s Fourth Ward says during his time in office, he is most proud of what he was able to do for local businesses.

“One of my campaign goals when I ran for office in 2011 was to improve the business climate and just make it an even playing field for anybody that wanted to do business in Moorhead,” Gehrtz said.

“I think just through all the projects that are being built and developed in Moorhead, we are seeing some fruition to that.”

Gehrtz’s resignation will take effect on August 15th.

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