Block 9 Site Workers Make Strides on Downtown Fargo Development

Crews are focusing on setting structural steel, concrete pours and putting the exterior together

FARGO, N.D.– What was once a parking lot will soon be an 18 story multi–use building in the heart of downtown Fargo.

The Block 9 project will be a hub for condos, retail space, a hotel and an outdoor plaza.

“It’s just great to bring that much energy back into downtown,” Block 9 project manager and Kilbourne Group VP of development and construction Keith Leier said. “This spot on Broadway was kind of a missing tooth for our downtown Broadway area.”

This missing piece will now be the area’s tallest building.

“It’s still short of the capital by a few feet in Bismarck but will be 235 feet tall when this is done,” Leier said.

To put that into perspective, Leier says it’ll be about 20 feet taller than the Radisson nearby.

With a goal of finishing the project by fall of 2020, setting structural steel, prepping for concrete pours and putting the exterior components together are the top concerns.

This means things are changing with every glance.

“We’re going up another floor about every ten days on the project we have a couple of those coming up at the end of this week and the beginning of next week and so those are always fun to see,” Leier said.

Over the next couple of weeks, crews plans to finish up steel work.

The site’s superintendent says drivers and people strolling through downtown will notice the ongoing concrete operations the most.

“We’ll see another crane here on the south and then one of the other tower cranes will be dedicated to precast as well,” McGough Construction superintendent Mike Bratton said. “The other tower crane will be dedicated to bringing the concrete operation up in the tower.”

After the Fourth of July, workers will start making the project look a little more like a building with windows.

“The curtain wall system is just the windows that go in between the precast,” Bratton said. “So, you put the precast up, you fill in the spots with the curtain wall.”

Filling in the spots until this soon–to–be downtown attraction is the neighborhood’s go–to spot.

The site’s 380–stall parking garage is scheduled to be ready in August.

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