“I AM Fargo-Moorhead” Training Helps Local Workers Showcase Community

The group of twenty went on a mini tour

FARGO, N.D. –Teaching others about the F–M area isn’t just geared towards tourists; locals in the metro are also benefiting from learning more about their community.

The F–M Convention and Visitors Bureau held its “I AM Fargo–Moorhead” training, which gives local hospitality workers ideas for showcasing the area.

The group of 20 went on a little tour, starting at the Fargo Air Museum and going to the Hjemkomst Center and F–M Visitors Center.

They learned about customer service, what’s in the tourism guides, and promoting the downtown area.

“A lot of times they’re not really aware of all the things that there are going on in town, like different events or new restaurants, or things to do like that,” Danni Riley, visitor experience manager at the Visitors Bureau, said.

“People are asking us, ‘what should we do now for dinner, where should we go,’ this gives us an intelligent response back to them and something to help promote the town,” Ty Singman, who works at Maxwell’s, said.

The Visitors Bureau holds one training each month from March to October.

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