House of Hope Dedicated to Kvalvog Teens Killed in 2015 Crash

More than 80 percent of people using the home's free services are on probation or parole

FARGO, N.D. — Time was not on 18–year–old Zachary Kvalvog or 14–year–old Connor Kvalvog’s side on June 23, 2015.

“They were incredible children who were going to do great things and that’s what’s kind of disappointing is they weren’t able to fulfill that,” said Kathie Kvalvog, the boys’ mother.

Four years ago, the Kvalvog family lost their only two sons. The boys were on their way to a basketball camp in Wisconsin when their truck crashed on I–94. Now it’s up to their parents Kathie and Ray to continue their legacy.

“They were a better person than I was. They were smarter, they were kinder, gentler and willing to help more,” said Ray Kvalvog, the boys’ father.

They’re making up for that lost time by donating a home to Lighthouse Church in Fargo that is meant to inspire others.

“It’s used every single day. It’s used for one on one meetings, it’s used for different recovery groups, it’s used for a depression support group and also a peer support group,” said Lisa Overby Blosser, with Lighthouse Church.

The church is sharing the gift by renaming the building as the Zachary and Connor House of Hope.

“I usually try to be the tough guy but this is breaking me up because I see a lot of the friends of Zachary and Connor’s here. One thing those boys were, they worked hard and they were loyal,” Ray said.

They were also the center of their parents’ entire world.

Kathie and Ray say when they lost their sons; hope just didn’t seem to exist anymore.

“Every day was hopeless. That’s how we felt. Brooks has certainly given us a glimmer of hope,” Kathie said.

Almost a year ago, the couple welcomed a new son, Brooks Zachary Connor Kvalvog.

His first name was inspired by someone who showed Kathie and Ray light in a world that seemed to be only filled with darkness.

“There was a little girl when we got home about a week after our boys died and she just touched our heart,” Kathie said.

Just as Brooks will someday learn about who his older brothers were.

“He’s going to idolize them. There’s so much of our children in our home. You can’t look anywhere without seeing our children,” Kathie said.

That goes for each person who spends time in Zachary and Connor’s House of Hope.

“That they’re able to start their lives over like we had to and that they can find some happiness in this world. It’s a tough world,” Kathie said.

Even just a glimmer of it is meant to give everyone the strength to get through some of the darkest days.

More than 80 percent of people who use the free services at the Zachary and Connor House of Hope are on probation or parole.

The Kvalvog’s filed a wrongful death lawsuit in 2015 against the boys’ basketball coach for not providing a means of transportation from the school.

Litigation is still pending.

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