102-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday With Others in the Area Older than 90

The 26th annual 90 plus birthday party brings together people who have reached 90 years old

FARGO, N.D.– People ages 90 and older are given a birthday bash to remember.

“This is the 4th year that I have been the oldest person here,” said Fred Quam who is 102 years old.

The 26th annual 90 plus birthday party brings together people who have reached 90 years old.

“The purpose of the event really is to thank and recognize and show our appreciation for a group of people that we think are really special in our community, people who have lived over the age of 90,” said the executive director for Valley Senior Services, Brian Arett.

They are also recognizing the oldest man and woman in attendance and both are more than 100 years old.

Fred Quam is 102 and he gives his secret to living a long life.

“Keeping busy is the main thing,” added Quam. “I had my wife for 58 years and she was good at keeping on the right track. I think exercise has a lot to do with it, half an hour five days a week.”

Fred has lived in Fargo his whole life and has seen the area change a lot.

“When I grew up 12th avenue N was the edge of North side and 13th Ave. S was the south side,” he added.

Not only has the size of the area changed, but he says the people have too.

“Now everybody is in a hurry, you never see anybody sit down and visit anymore,” Quam added. “They are all running around all the time.”

Fred served stateside in WWII as an airplane mechanic and got married during the war.

“We got married when I was in the service in WW II and they always commented that wartime marriages never last but we were married for 58 years. Kind of miraculous really. I think back and keep thinking about that maybe you made a mistake here or there and should have gone the other route, a left turn instead of a right turn. You have a lot of time to think about it but everything turned out okay. Just take it a day at a time,” Quam said smiling.

Fred will be turning 103 in 3 months.

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