Current Fargo Post 2 Players And Alumni Come Together For Annual Game

Celebrating Roger Maris

FARGO, N.D. — In 90–plus years as a program, the Fargo Post 2 Legion baseball team has produced a long history of alumni, the likes of which include former home run king Roger Maris and world series champion Chris Coste.

One day every year the current team and various alumni come together at Jack Williams Stadium to relive memories of old.

Current players share the field with their history, some even playing together for the first time as they find every excuse to stay competitive.

It’s an opportunity both sides look forward to each year.

“It’s a cool opportunity. A lot of us who are playing tonight played together at some point in high school or shared the field together,” Casey Quinlan, a former Post 2 player said. “It’s also cool because some of these alumni I never got a chance to play with but I had a chance to watch them play after I was done or before I played.”

“There’s obviously a lot of history in this program with a lot of great players,” Jonah Sanders, a current Post 2 player said. “This gives us a chance to see how many good players there have been in the last decade.”

Post 2 is 19–and–1 this season.

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