Local Supporters at Herds and Horns Cheer on Team USA

Team USA beat France to make it into the World Cup semifinal

FARGO, N.D. –Team USA beats France to make it into the World Cup semifinal. People gathered at Herds and Horns to cheer on the team this afternoon.

Supporters say they were confident in Team USA early on.

The American Outlaws, a supporter group for the U.S. Men’s and Women’s soccer teams, were there to see how the team did.

Not only do they meet to watch the games, but it’s also a bonding experience for the members.

“It’s neat to share, have a commonality, and we all come from various backgrounds, but we all unite in force to watch our favorite team and cheer them on,” Scott Dworak said.

The American Outlaws group says their gatherings at Herds and Horns to watch the World Cup are open to everyone.

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