Local Fans Celebrate USA Win Over England 2-1 in Women’s World Cup Semi Finals

Fans all over the world tuned in to  see the red, white and blue take on the English

FARGO, N.D.–The USA Women’s Soccer team is headed to the  World  Cup   Final  and fans from all over are celebrating.

Fans all over the world tuned in to  see the red, white and blue take on the English

“Go team USA,” says super fan Jennifer Burnside.

Some fans had just gotten back from watching  Team  USA team play Thailand and Chile  in Paris.

“It was just really exciting, and the atmosphere, the American fans and even the Chilean fans who were there. It was just really great all around,” added Jennifer.

“They are doing such a great job,” says super fan Brady Burnside. “They are showing up very well for this tournament. The USA men’s not making the men’s tournament last year was a big letdown for USA soccer. So they are stepping up and really doing well for USA soccer.

No matter where they are watching, fans say there’s one thing they do for each match.

“Gotta wear USA,” said Brady smiling.

Co–captain Megan Rapinoe did not play the match against England, leaving many to wonder why.

“I can only assume it’s an injury of some kind for her to start or warm up at all, but her replacement just scored a goal so were happy about that,” added Brady.

Not having Rapinoe on field didn’t stop the Americans from showing their stripes, beating England 2–1.

They are not only supporting her and the team in its lawsuit against U.S. soccer to get equal pay.

“I really enjoy watching Megan Rapinoe, she played very well in Canada four years ago and she is having an amazing tournament, and her social justice stance, I really enjoy what she stands for,” added Brady

“I agree, she’s a fabulous player and I hope that Alex Morgan is able to have a great game here as well. I think we will highlight how successful the women’s team is and then really give them a push in the lawsuit that they filed before the Cup started,” added Jennifer.

Sweden will play the Netherlands Wednesday for a chance to play USA in the World Cup Final.

You can watch The U.S. women play for the championship Sunday morning at 10 on KVRR.

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