Budweiser Delivered By Horsebound Carriage in Downtown Fargo

FARGO N.D – Horseback carriages carrying cold drinks and on looking people in the middle of Downtown Fargo.

At the Anheuser–Busch parade in downtown Fargo the famous Clydesdale are making their way downtown to deliver beer directly from the carriage and into the bars. What makes them so special is that they famously made their first trek to the White House when prohibition was abolished.

Even a local business executive riding on the carriage will tell you, it’s not just about the horses.

“Every other year we do this Grower Days we recognize our barley growers in the valley and we got this big celebration going on here and over there tomorrow,”

“Today we brought the Clydesdale downtown to deliver some beers to our retailers,”  DS Beverages President Doug Restemayer said.

“Ya know my favorite part? Just to look at all the people looking at and taking pictures of the horses the happy people their beautiful animals ya never get tired of them,” Restemayer explained.

“Oh, its better then my regular car I can tell ya that much, my regular car is the Clydesdale,” Restemayer joked.

The Clydesdales are making their final rounds Wednesday night, but their time in Fargo isn’t over just yet you can catch them at the Red River Valley Fair on Thursday.

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