Searching for Monsters In the Park

The Fargo Park District invites families out to local parks to find "monsters"

FARGO, N.D. — Lions, tigers and monsters, oh my!

Kids across the Fargo–Moorhead area are looking through all the crevices and bushes in local parks to find some monsters.

Can you see them? How about now?

Maybe you can see them in the grass or maybe it’s the clue is right in front of you.

As the kids traverse through the woods, they’re looking on where the monsters are located like these eyes that are hiding in the bushes.

And it’s not just the kids who are hunting them.

“Earlier today we went out and checked out some of the other parks and we didn’t find any so we waited for this event and where we can go out and create our own monsters and also go on the hike”, said Sara Fix.

And Fix says she wants more people to get out and hunt.

“It’s a great way to bond with your kid ya know get ’em out and active ya know enjoy the nice outside weather see the wildlife different things like that. It’s great to be outside in the nice summer time and to go and enjoy things to do with your child,” said Sara

And the connections created are worth it.

“The time we get to spend together the quality time, the exercise ya know its good were out” said Fix

While these rugged monster hunters waited through the woods they got instructed on how to safely make their way to the woods and how to spot things in the grass.

“I found some fur and some scales and then some snakeskin and eventually I found him,” said Carter Fix

What Carter, of Fargo, is talking about is Khengoo, his new pet.

“I will play with him and I will feed him,” said Carter

Carter went home with the ultimate gift of the night.

“Ummmmm I made a new friends,” said Carter.

And as Carter and his mom rap up their monster hunting adventure for the night, organizers of the event say they love that kids not only can find monsters like Khengoo today but also scattered around some of the other parks they will be hidden and you never know when you might find the next one.

Event organizers say they want to keep the locations of the monsters secret but did give us a hint that you may find some at Lindenwood and Island Parks

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