LIVE: Sowing The Seeds Of STEM At NDSU

NDSU Offers Variety OF STEM Classes For K-12 Students


NDSU isn’t just a place for college students to learn.

The university is leading the local charge to teach kids STEM skills in a fun way.

NDSU College of Engineering Outreach Coordinator Lauren Singelmann shows off some of those fun STEM activities with Adam Ladwig.

NDSU offers a variety of STEM classes, including week-long STEM camps for grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.

Singelmann shows off a couple of fun STEM activities kids will love.

First, she makes slime change color simply by pouring warm water on it.

Then, she shows how kids can learn coding by piloting a small drone.

If you want to show your kids how much fun STEM can be, you can learn more about NDSU’s outreach efforts by clicking here.

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