Michigan Man Bikes Across Country in Hopes of Stopping Gun Violence

He created a nationwide hotline for people to call if they're planning violence

FARGO, N.D. — A Michigan man is biking across the country in hopes of stopping people from committing gun violence.

Scott Hite stopped in Fargo to talk about www.waitone.org.

It’s a nationwide hotline designed for people to call if they’re planning violence.

He says he was inspired after learning the Aurora movie theater shooter in Colorado had called a mental health hotline before the shooting, but there was no answer.

Hite carries three phones with him, and while no one has called yet, he’s sure he’ll be able to help somebody.

“It’s to help somebody in the moment to have somebody to talk to. I think it’s really important that someone who’s willing and able to use a firearm for the wrong purposes has somebody to reach out to,” he said.

Hite started his bike journey to raise awareness in May.

Find more information on the hotline, click here.

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