North Dakota Highway Patrol Keeping Drivers “Alive at 25”

the next one in the metro will be in south Fargo's AmericInn hotel and suites on November 3

FARGO, N.D. — Some drivers are spending their weekend off the road to go back to the basics.

KVRR’s Danielle Church tells how an initiative between the North Dakota State Council and Highway Patrol is helping to keep drivers Alive at 25.

When it comes to the rules of the road, North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper William Brown says there’s one age group that seems to fail the most.

“When it comes to serious injuries, crashes, fatalities, the age group of 15–25 is the highest at risk to be involved in a serious injury crash or fatality,” Brown said.

Brown says most crashes or accidents are the consequences of distracted driving, such as drinking or texting behind the wheel.

This “Alive at 25” defensive driving course aims to not only cut down on those distractions but to also reduce the number of deaths on the road.

But Brown says whether you’re in the 15–24 age group or not.

“Even people who are over 25 are making the same mistakes,” Brown said.

Everyone needs to be a defensive driver.

“Anticipate what other drivers will do. Just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean you have to go through that intersection,” Brown said.

He says drivers should also be doing small things like using their turn signal when changing lanes and wearing their seat belt.

Actions that veteran drivers sometimes forget.

“That’s one of the better things that the younger generation is better at is wearing their seat belt,” Brown said.

Brown says as a trooper, he probably puts his on between 40–50 times a day because it’s a habit.

It’s why he says he can tell when drivers really don’t wear them.

“They say ‘hey, I forgot.’ And a lot of times if you forget, the conscious decision – that tells me you probably aren’t wearing your seat belt,” Brown said.

For Brown, it’s all about teaching these students the lessons that could help them avoid a tragedy one day.

“I just want you to learn one thing, remember one thing and that fact is rewarding because I’ve had people who have talked to me after class say ‘hey, I didn’t realize I was doing this,” Brown said.

Alive at 25 will be hosted at the Altru Professional Center in Grand Forks on September 8th.

The course will also be held November 3 in south Fargo at the AmericInn Hotel and Suites.

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