Moorhead Police help save man locked underneath bridge

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Officers in Moorhead were on alert Monday morning after they say a man locked himself underneath a bridge armed with a knife and ready to jump.

Police say this all went down around 9:30 between 21st and 14th Streets on Center Avenue. That’s right by Moorhead High School.

Officers say the man said he was suicidal. They were able to block off traffic and calm the situation down.

Officers were able to use pepper balls to get the man to climb up to where officers helped him.

“We used time on our side we took our time to calm things down as much as we could and we took as many precautions as we had we are very fortunate in this area to have the resources in different agencies that work with us, and it was another success,” Said Moorhead Police Capt. Deric Swenson.

The man is in treatment at a local hospital.

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