Prairie Roots Co-Op Starts Member-Owner Loan Campaign to Raise $250,000

They're hoping to raise $250,000 by September 1

FARGO, N.D. — Prairie Roots Co–Op is asking its members to pitch in because the grocery store has been struggling financially.

An email went out to members last night reading in part,”the financial and operational needs of the co–op are pressing.”

They’re trying to raise $250,000 by September 1. $60,000 has already been raised, and the co–op is asking for help with remaining $190,000.

Prairie Roots has been around for two years, and it has faced a lot of challenges in sustaining a new business.

“Like a lot of new businesses, it’s had its challenges, this challenge has been here since it started,” Arlette Preston, president of the Prairie Roots board of directors, said.

She says they’ve put in a new cash flow management plan and a new general manager has also been hired. They’re currently working with vendors and lenders as well.

“Going forward, I do believe that we will be able to put in place a plan that will be more sustainable than it probably has been in the past,” Preston said.

Many members shopping hadn’t heard about the loan campaign, but they say it’d be disappointing if the store weren’t around.

Aubrey Meyer is a shopper who wants to become a member.

“I hope the push is good and that we’re getting a good turnout from members,” she said.

Even though the deadline is less than a month away, the Preston says if they don’t meet their goal, they’ll just keep pushing that deadline back.

“If it’s not September 1, it’ll be October 1, but I have all confidence we’ll make September 1,” she said.

She says the store does not plan to close at any point.

Meyer says continues to shop there because other grocery stores don’t have the same personal feel.

“You see the shopkeepers you know the people when you’re coming in,” she said.

Preston says non–members can support the co–op simply by shopping there.

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