Addie’s Royal Cupcake Stand Raises Money to Make Kids’ Dreams Come True

She wants to pay it forward with the Sunshine Founation

FARGO-MOORHEAD – Who doesn’t love princesses and cupcakes, and how can you turn away when it’s all for a good cause? A royal cupcake stand is making kids’ dreams come true.

Addie Loerzel has always wanted to meet princesses. Her fairytale wish came true in 2013 when she got to go on a trip to Disney World through the Sunshine Foundation.

“Her dream brought her so much joy not only to her but our entire family so this is our way of paying it forward and making sure other kids get to experience what it feels like to get a dream come true,” Marisa Loerzel, Addie’s mom, said.

Addie then started the cupcake stand to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation, which makes wishes come true for kids with disabilities or illnesses.

“Sometimes families spend so much time going to doctors’ appointments, therapies that it actually gives them a chance to be a family together and enjoy doing something,” Kate Sample, president of the Sunshine foundation, said.

Volunteers baked three thousand cupcakes to deliver to businesses throughout the day, and people also got the chance to meet their favorite princesses at the royal cupcake stand.

“Everyone likes cupcakes,” Addie said.

One child all of this will be helping is 12–year–old Demarion. He was born prematurely with a brain bleed and wasn’t expected to live past two weeks.

His dream is to have sensory-friendly room.

“Addie’s amazing to do this and her family. It’s always so neat to see people pay it forward,” Kathy Borgerding, Demarion’s mom, said.

If you want to donate to the Sunshine Foundation, click here.

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