Fargo Post 2 Hosts Legion World Series Watch Party

Post 2 Varsity opened up play in the legion world series against Idaho Falls

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Post 2 opened up play in the Legion World Series and you can bet there were plenty of eyes around the city watching their team play on the big stage.

Post 2 held a watch party at Jack Williams Stadium to cheer on the team for game one.

Members of the other Post 2 teams and some of the younger youth baseball programs were in attendance.

Seeing the varsity program make it as far as they have has already been a huge source of inspiration for the younger guys in the Post 2 program, as the see the possibility for the city of Fargo to make a name for itself.

“It’s big because it’s North Dakota, people don’t really think of us as a baseball town and when they go up there and they are one of the top eight teams, it is a really big deal,” Fargo Jets player Hayden Thompson said.

“It’s great for our whole program,” Fargo Jets coach, Mike Boutine, said. “With the Jets and the Bombers seeing the team go up and do that, they now have that same feeling, like hey, maybe if we do that next year or years after, we can make that a possibility.”

“It is our hometown and it’s pretty cool,” Fargo 11U player, Blake McCarthy, added. “Cause we look up to them and I hope someday we get to do that.”

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