Enrollment Is Up As Fargo Public Schools Begin Another School Year

First day enrollment at Fargo Public Schools is 11,513 students

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo students are back in class.

The Bruin Ambassadors at Fargo South wanted to make sure everyone felt welcomed back to school.

Four dozen of them spent the last two weeks getting ready to help kids coming back to class.

That includes a human tunnel for an epic entrance.

They also had signs and enough energy to help even the sleepiest teen feel wide awake for the first day of classes.

“Honestly with our group I wouldn’t expect anything less as it is,” said Chloe Bry, Bruin Ambassador. “We’re all very hype as it is anyway. We all love high fives and I believe our energy is just way up there.”

Bruin Ambassadors will spend the first two days of school walking the halls to offer students help as they get used to being back in school.

Students at another Fargo school got a much more personal welcome.

Staff members at Agassiz personally greeted each kid who walked through the door.

That’s not something they just do on the first day.

They greet each student every single day.

Staff and the School Resource Officer make sure the kids stay away from heavy traffic areas along University Drive.

“When we have buses show up, our buses contain little pre-school kids, so they’re always met by a staff member outside,” said Kyle Ness, School Resource Officer.

“They’re not getting out on University or anything like that. But they’re met by a staff member who always walks them into the school. That’s every single day through the school year.”

First day enrollment at Fargo Public Schools is 11,513 students.

That is an increase of 68 students from last year’s first day enrollment.

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