Fargo Post 2 Returns Home Realizing Impact Left On Community

Post 2 Finished National Runners Up at American Legion World Series


FARGO, N.D — Fargo Post 2 started their season with a 26–game win streak then followed that up with a state title, Central Plains regional championship and national runners up finish at the American Legion World Series.

The team has returned home and realizing the impact they’ve left on those who joined them on their magical run.

What Post 2 was able to accomplish for the state and the Fargo–Moorhead community will still take some time to fully comprehend.

“It still hasn’t set in really. I feel like I’m going to wake up one day and think about it and say ‘Wow this actual happened we made our mark in history,” catcher Chandler Ibach said. “The support these people have coming out and have shown us is absolutely unbelievable.”

“Its still so surreal to me,” second baseman Brandt Kolpack said. “Just to think day one if you said I would go to the world series championship, I would say you’re crazy but this team has been through so much and we just have to embrace it.”

By playing on the sports biggest stage of a world series, Post 2 has created a bond that’ll last a lifetime.

“This team has been incredible the entire year,” shortstop/utility player Zach Kluvers said.  “Were always going to be each others friends and every year coming back were going to text each other in this group chat we have and its going to be a blast to have them every year.”

“If you set your mind to something and work hard the entire year and especially with the support you have there’s really nothing you can’t do,” Ibach said.

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