“I’m Moving Out” NDSU Students Are Saying Goodbye to Parents And Hello College At Move-In Day

FARGO N.D-It’s moving time.

“It’s our unofficial kickoff to the fall so although the calendar says it’s summer, it’s where the small semester starts,” Said Director of Resident Life Rian Nostrum.

With hundreds of new kids trying to navigate their big day, a lot of planning goes into it.

“So we literally take streets, and we make them one way streets and when we have parents and when we send the mailing we give them driving directions and we say when you get to Fargo ignore your GPS cause we are going to tell you exactly how to get there, so it’s a divide and conquer approach,” Said Nostrum.

And they’re trying to make the transition smooth.

“It is a family atmosphere we are a large university, but yet you talk to our students that are already here and the alumni, and they will tell you that once your here you feel like your apart of something special,” Said Nostrum.

But Nostrum says the job couldn’t get done without the help of dozens and dozens of student volunteers like Luke Baker.

“Just moving like pushing moving a lot of heavy fridges and totes,” Said Student Volunteer Luke Baker.

The amount of Refrigerators Baker has moved today alone is staggering.

“Well if you count people helping me as a half then 15 and a half otherwise it’s like 18 or 19,” Said Baker.

He’s got a method to keep up the workload.

“A lot of water,” Baker said laughingly.

All his effort is helping out students like Criminal Justice Major Tyler Jones.

“My whole family came with me so that’s nice and yeah it will be fun moving in. Making new friends and just the college experience seems really fun,” Said Freshman Tyler Jones

The new students will have plenty of activities waiting for them this upcoming week that includes, outdoor movie night, games and a block party.

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