Potato Days Brings Community Together, Becomes Part of Family Traditions

A father and son will compete against each other in the potato throwing contest next year

BARNESVILLE, Minn. — Potato Days has become a family tradition for many.

Justin Camperud is an eight-time winner of the potato throwing contest. His tips?

“Balance. Make sure you throw with both arms, not try to one hand it. A lot of people try to tip it the long way and try to push it with one hand as opposed to using both your hands,” he said.

He’s not the only one in his family with an impressive record. His son Damian has won the junior competition for several years and next year, father and son will face off.

“Nervous but I’ll be ready for it,” Damian said.

He says he does practice.

“I do weightlifting, football helps with me and track season helped with me,” he said.

He’s got his own tips too.

“Try to get it up there the first time because dropping it kind of hurts, and also stuff gets in your eye and make sure to use both hands instead of one to shot put it. Get low and explode with it and also breathe,” he said.

Potato Days is part of the family tradition in more ways than one.

“I like potatoes. I grew up out in the country with my grandparents and that’s mostly what we ate, just red meat and potatoes,” Damian said.

It wouldn’t be a good time without the people.

“Lot of fun to see. I run into classmates, other people from high school, it’s a good time,” Tanya Tonsfeldt with Comstock Lutheran Church said.

Whether you’re stuffing your face with potatoes or throwing them as high as you can, there’s no doubt spuds have a way of bringing people together.

Potato Days has been going in Barnesville since 1991.

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