Fargo Church Relocates After 10 Years

Recovery Worship's new location will be inside the First United Methodist Church at 906 First Avenue South

FARGO, N.D. — “This is the perfect place for imperfect people.”

That’s how Pastor John Roberts describes Recovery Worship, a church for those who have been affected by addiction – from alcoholism and substance abuse to gambling or overeating.

“And it may not be the addicts themselves. It could be family members, loved ones, parents, partners, spouses, children. Anybody whose lives have been impacted by the disease of addiction,” he said.

They meet every Sunday morning to pray, sing and laugh together, focusing on recovery.

“You know, lives have been changed and lives have been transformed in this space.”

Including his own.

He, too, is a recovering addict.

Within these walls, Pastor Roberts married the love of his life.

In this room, others learned how to become parents again, found lifelong friendships and gained a new sense of hope.

But this space will soon no longer belong to them.

Their home for the past ten years is being sold by its owners.

“I don’t expect anything different at the new building than here. To me, it’s not the building, it’s the people inside the building that make it a community of worship and the people that are here are going to be at the new location, so I don’t expect any change at all,” said churchgoer John Halland.

They say the doors may be closing, but the worship will go on.

“There’ll still be that Holy Spirit, that fellowship, that community. That will all still be there. It’s basically just a different building,” Rod Dimmer, another churchgoer, said.

“The new space will also be a perfect place for imperfect people, and we’ll continue to do our work,” said Pastor Roberts.

Recovery Worship’s new location will be inside the First United Methodist Church at 906 First Avenue South.

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