“Streets Alive” Encourages People to Get Active

Three-mile loop Downtown is closed to all vehicles so people can walk and bike safely
FARGO, N.D. — The streets of downtown Fargo come to life.

Streets Alive, an event hosted by Great Rides, encourages people to ditch their cars to bike, walk, or run.

People can do that safely in a three–mile loop closed off to all vehicles for the day.

The event also features activities and live demonstrations by various businesses like TNT Kids Fitness and the NDSU Pole Vaulters.

Great Rides is a nonprofit organization focused on building healthy communities by engaging them in more active lifestyles.

“It’s a great time to just show people different ways to get active. You know, we’ve got hula-hooping today, a lot of people biking, rollerblading, you know, people coming down to run and stuff. So, just encouraging the community to live an active lifestyle and do more than just sit in the cars to get to work as well. We want to promote active transportation as well,” said Great Rides Interim Director Alexis Pearson.

This is the second Streets Alive event this summer.

About 3,600 people came out in June.

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