NDSU Football: Target Field Game Provides Homecoming For Current Players

Phoenix Sproles, Zack Johnson, Marquise Bridges All From Twin Cities Area

FARGO, N.D. — North Dakota State football starts off its season in a bit of a different setting, on a baseball field. The Bison host Butler at Target Field Saturday, home to major league baseball’s Minnesota Twins.

For many, its a chance to travel and see their team at a different location for a weekend. For those twin cities NDSU alums its a chance to see their alma mater play in their own backyard. For many players, its an opportunity to play at home in front of friends and family. That is the case for cornerback Marquise Bridges, receiver Phoenix Sproles and offensive lineman Zack Johnson.

“It’s going to be huge, Target Field is a beautiful stadium,” Sproles said. “I’ve been there a couple times, saw a couple good Twins games there so I’m just excited to see what its like playing on a baseball field. Running out of the Twins dugout is a dream of mine. It’s going to be cool for me.”

“It’s definitely going to be extra special for me, I go home on the breaks but I haven’t played at home in four or five years,” Bridges said. “It’s definitely a blessing. My family doesn’t have to come travel and see me. I can travel and see them for once. Its definitely an honor to play in front of my hometown. A lot of people are coming to watch.”

“I went there a couple times with my grandparents. As I was a kid, I went to baseball games there all the time,” Johnson said. “Never thought I would play a football game out there then I saw the Saint Thomas Saint Johns game out there and it was pretty cool. Definitely something special. Seeing that were playing there and probably going to fill it up is just as cool.”

Sproles said he has about eighteen tickets for friends and family. Johnson said he was on the phone with his mom last night and she’s purchased 143 tickets. Bridges played his high school ball just across the river from the field.

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