“Feeling Left Behind” Horace residents voice opinions on Flood Diversion Plans

HORACE N.D – For community members living in Horace, the added cash flow from the Diversion project will be a big boost in the community.

“We have to do some major infrastructure upgrades which will involve water, sewer and road work. So, what this will do this money will help us leverage some state funding for cost–sharing purposes to do some of these larger infrastructure projects without having to do special assessments,” Horace Mayor Kory Peterson Said.

But with the new cash to help improve conditions in town, there is also a drawback for business.

With that decision, it does affect everyone.

“I understand where people are coming from because I’m in the same boat it’s going to be an ongoing thing I know there are going to be people that don’t like the diversion and I understand that,” Peterson says.

Residents like Marty Johnson whose family has owned the land for 100 years felt blindsided by the move.

“They never informed anybody until on a Sunday morning, someone called me and said ‘Hey, you’re in the paper.’ and I said ‘What?'” Horace resident Marty Johnson said.

Johnson believes the region does need additional flood protections; he feels the location picked wasn’t in the best interest of everyone.

“Well, they moved all the way west of Horace and in my book they just took their problems to over here,”  Johnson said.

And he’s also concerned about what it’s all going to cost the average joe for the whole project.

“Property tax this thing is going to have ya know leveled on some people there could be some retired people on a deal like this,” Johnson says.

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