LIVE: Bridge Bash Growing This Year

Fargo Joins Annual Student Welcome Party For The First Time

A welcome event for area college students is bigger than ever this year.

They’d need to close an entire bridge for it, if it weren’t already closed.

The annual Bridge Bash is usually just part of Greater Moorhead Days, but Fargo is joining in the fun this year.

Organizers tell us that means this year’s bash will be twice as big, welcoming students from MSUM, Concordia and NDSU back to class.

You’ll find a band, free food, games, a photo booth, along with plenty of food trucks.

They say it was a lot easier to get the permits to hold the bash on a bridge because Veterans Memorial Bridge on Main Avenue is closed due to construction.

But don’t worry about getting to the party.

There will be plenty of parking at the Moorhead Center Mall with only a two block walk to the event.

It runs from 6-10 p.m. Thursday, September 5th.

The Bridge Bash is free for everyone, not just college students.

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