Shanley Football Eager to Begin Class 3A Competition

The Deacons Face their first 3A opponent on Friday against Jamestown

FARGO, N.D. — Shanley High School football finished last year with an 11-0 record and a Class 2A State Championship.

It was their fourth state title in the past ten seasons.

The Deacons are hoping to add another one in 2019, but this time, they’ll have to get it done in Class 3A.

Shanley jumps up a class rank and gets the opportunity to play with some cross-town rivals as the EDC now includes all four Fargo-area public high schools.

After a great deal of success in 2A, the Deacons are more than ready to take their competition to the next level. They feel the transition will be made much easier because with 15 starters returning to the team, this program boasts a strong veteran presence.

“This is a very old team. We got a lot of experience coming back played in all positions – on the line, skill positions,” senior wide receiver and safety, Talon Hoffer, said.” But what is different this year is we have a lot more depth in the skill position department.”

“That was big in the process of moving to triple-A,” head coach, Troy Mattern, added. “We felt a lot more comfortable with the guys coming back that have all that game experience. It is invaluable to have those game reps, even though it was at the 2A level , but we did win a championship at that level, so they understand the high level of play that is needed.”

“We have been in 2A for so long now and just jumping up to 3A, we are just all excited about it,” revealed senior center and defensive lineman, Joe Kava. “We know we can compete with those teams and we are just hungry to get back to 3A.”

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