North Dakota HIV Awareness Walk Battles Stigma

NDCPG held their second annual walk

FARGO, N.D. — About six dozen people put on their walking shoes to raise awareness for HIV.

The North Dakota Community Planning Group for HIV and Viral Hepatitis Prevention, Care and Treatment (NDCPG) held its second annual HIV Awareness Walk.

The organization is designed to make sure people in North Dakota have access to quality HIV prevention services.

People at the walk were able to talk about testing and treatment and to learn more while correcting misconceptions.

“We hope that everybody comes away with that you may know somebody who’s actually affected by HIV in your community and you don’t realize that they’re being productive and right next to you within the community,” Ryan Braunberger, community co-chair of NDCPG, said.

According to the group, over a million people in the U.S. have HIV, but one in seven don’t know it.

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