White House Plans to Ban Flavored E-Cig Sales

Local vape shop owner reacts

UNITED STATES — The Trump administration announces it’s preparing to ban flavored e–cigarettes as more vaping–related health concerns arise and more youth continue to vape.

A local vape shop owner says the vaping–related health issues that have emerged recently are because of illegal products.

They often include different ingredients than the ones found in his store.

He says the upcoming ban could be devastating for his business, as well as people’s health.

“I just feel like it is definitely a shame for public health. Vaping has definitely gotten a lot of people off of smoking, and if you take vaping away, they’re going to go right back to smoking, and we know the facts and the reality that smoking kills. So, it’s a shame for public health. It’s a sad day,” said Jason Bye of Northland Vapor Company.

The FDA plans to share more on the specific details of the ban and its implementation soon.

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