Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary Holds Inaugural Walkathon and Fundraiser

Money raised will go towards things on teachers' wish lists

FARGO, N.D. — It was a special day for kids at Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary as they laced up their tennis shoes to take part in the school’s first ever walkathon and fundraiser.

More than 280 students in kindergarten through 5th grade ran over 3,000 laps combined—that’s over 480 miles.

Students from each grade level ran as many laps as they can in a 20 minute time period.

Organizers wanted to put something together that’d get the community and parents involved while also benefitting the kids.

“We wanted to incorporate something that would be a healthy fundraiser, and get them out and get them moving, so what better way,” Amy Peterson, president-elect of the Oak Grove Parent Organization, said.

“I’m a corner cheerer, so I’m just trying to encourage the kids as they’re running,” Katie Maple, a parent, said.

“It’s so amazing to be out here today, it’s exciting to see how much the kids are loving out here walking, and it’s so much fun, there’s so many parents out here, a completely parent–driven event here, which is so exciting,” Matthew Hallaway, chief advancement officer for Oak Grove Lutheran School, said.

Money raised will go towards providing supplies on teachers’ wish lists, and organizers say the walkathon is the perfect example of everyone coming together.

“We wanted to give back to our teachers and we thought this was a great way to involve our students and involve our families and the Oak Grove community,” Peterson said.

“Everyone who comes here wants to be part of the community. The relationships that parents and kids have with each other, it’s like small town North Dakota right in the middle of Fargo, and we love that,” Hallaway said.

For students, parents, and staff members alike, getting out and being active for a good cause is what it’s all about.

“Just seeing how happy the kids are as they’re doing their laps, they’re smiling and having fun so they’re really liking it,” Maple said.

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