MATBUS Kicks Off “I Go Eco” Challenge

The bus system is awarding those who use eco-friendly methods of transportation


FARGO, N.D. — MATBUS wants you to “go green with your routine.”

The bus system is kicking off its 9th annual “I Go Eco” Challenge.

It’s urging community members to use eco–friendly methods of transportation at least once a week over the next month.

Those who do can submit an online entry for a chance to win prizes like an Apple TV or electric scooter.

Officials say “green” transportation can include anything from walking, biking or carpooling to riding MATBUS.

“The regular MATBUS riders are like, ‘Hey, we’re already eligible, let’s sign up,’ and then you have people who maybe, you know, take their car out of the garage and right next door, their neighbors are taking their car out of the garage and they’re going to the same area and say, ‘Why not carpool this week and save some money, too?'” said MATBUS transit manager Lori Van Beek.

Anyone who participates in the challenge all four weeks will have a chance to win a 1000 dollar Gate City Bank gift card.

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