West Fargo Church remembers Landon Solberg

"You do not need a Ph.D. an IRA and MRA or a BMW in order to serve other people,"

WEST FARGO N.D. — “You do not need a Ph.D. an IRA and MRA or a BMW in order to serve other people,” Pastor Of Prairie Heights Community Church John Hauser.

These were just some of the words spoken at the Prairie Heights Community Church on Sunday only two days before Landon’s passing.

“We know we got to meet Landon our daughter was in his 3rd–grade class a few years back, and then he and his family coming to Prairie Heights 2 years ago,” said Hauser.

Landon spent time in this room where he played games and worked with other kids at the church.

His drive to help other people sparked one day.

“Ya know it was unbelievable he came and picked up his little brother one Sunday, I think it was the first or second Sunday that he came to church here and when they went home for lunch, and he said Mom and Dad I want to start volunteering,” said Hauser.

Through Landon’s compassion for others, his work inspired others in the church to also do good.

“I had people come up to me and say ‘You know what, Jon, that’s the Sunday I need to start volunteering is when I saw a boy battling cancer who made it a priority to invest his time in little kids in the local church,'” said Hauser.

It was all inspired by his faith in a higher power than himself.

“He was very committed to reading his bible at night having a devotional time before he went to bed even his dad said ‘ya know what, Jon, I have never read my bible the way I’m watching my son do this, and he was like I gotta get myself on the ball here,” said Hauser.

In his last couple months on this earth, he never stopped being brave.

“The reason I’m so positive is because God has something planned out for me, it might not be what I want, but even after I die, I will have eternal life in heaven,” said Hauser.

The healing for the church will be a long process that will lead to light at the end of the tunnel.

“We wish we could go fast, it’s a process it’s a journey, and we have to embrace it and hopefully what it does is it brings us, we need each other, and hopefully, this can bring us together as well,” said Hauser.

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