Sen. Hoeven and Cramer Respond to Impeachment Inquiry

FARGO, N.D. — Focusing on getting other work done for the American people.

That’s what North Dakota Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer say Congress should be addressing instead of trying to impeach President Trump.

Cramer says Democrats have “come up short every time” in trying to find reasons to impeach Trump. Both senators agree that the focus should be shifted to passing the USMCA agreement and helping veterans. Cramer calls the impeachment inquiry a “tragedy” for the American people.

“This so called whistleblower so far, unnamed, seems to have no firsthand knowledge of what views they’re claiming, the lawyers are part of an organization that ‘we want to get Trump. Help us do it.’ There are just way too many questions to proceed in this way and I think it’s a great tragedy for the country,” Cramer said.

“I believe there’s not grounds there for impeachment. We should focus on getting the work done that serves the American people,” Hoeven said.

“There has not been a president in the administration since the end of World War II that has made veterans the centerpiece not only of the campaign but also the administration,” said Veterans Affairs Sec. Robert Wilkie.

Wilke says he hasn’t presented any budget cuts to the Office of Management and Budget, calling it a “testament” to the Trump administration’s support of veterans.

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