Moorhead Native Heads to Broadway

MOORHEAD, MN.- It was a few years ago when Moorhead native Nina Grollman rehearsed at a theater in Moorhead High School.

Now she’s taking on Broadway.

Grollman will be playing Scout in Aaron Sorkin’s re–imagining of To Kill a Mockingbird.

This is not her first time on a Broadway stage.

Her debut happened last year when she played Mar–gee in the “Iceman Cometh” alongside Oscar–winner Denzel Washington.

“Nina is a giver and when she performs on stage she’s so playful and she’s so fun, but there is an innate sense that she’s giving an experience to the audience and when you ask people who are regulars to our theater productions, they talk a lot about Nina and the special moments she created on stage and we feel like we’re connected to her because she loved up those audiences and the audience loved her back,” Nina Grollman’s Theater High School Teacher Rebecca Meyer-Larson said.

Nina is expected to take over the role later this month.


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