Fargo Tackles Winter Weather

"You got to be prepared for someone else who makes a mistake, so it's what we go through doesn't really matter if the sun shines or if it's a cloudy slippery day, defensive driving."

FARGO N.D — With harsh conditions, Fargo crews are hard at work to take care of the late night winter storms.

They’re leaving most of the valley under advisory warnings.

The city of Fargo went into action earlier in the night and gave advice for drivers looking to use the roads.

“You got to be prepared for someone else who makes a mistake, so it’s what we go through doesn’t really matter if the sun shines or if it’s a cloudy slippery day, defensive driving,” Fargo Public Works Lee Anderson said.

Before the storm the usually bustling Downtown Fargo was lacking its usual crowded streets as people bundled up at indoors at home to avoid the early season.

But not everyone was discouraged from going outside.

“I don’t mind it. It’s only going to get worse. This is the easiest with the snow it’s not even sticking so far so good,” Fargo VFW manager Jeanne said.

Jeanne is the manager at the Fargo VFW. She says all this winter weather shouldn’t stop you from living your life.

“Don’t be intimidated still enjoy your day get out and have a fresh warm hot chocolate don’t let it keep ya in the house,” Jeanne said.

People getting out of the cold enjoyed some warm drinks.

“It’s nice to kind of try to help make people’s day a little bit nicer with some warm coffee or hot chocolate just to brighten up the day,” Babbs Coffee House Barista Julia Mcky said.

And Julia who’s been serving drinks to customers for two years at the shop has plenty of experience with North Dakota winters.

“There was a day last year when it was like 40 below that both my car and coworkers car didn’t start the owner had to come pick us up still open by 7 though,” Mcky said.

Julia says with the ever changing weather there is only so much you can do.

“With Fargo you never know what you’re going to get with weather, so just coming in and be prepared and just serve coffee in any sort of condition,” Mcky said.

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