How to keep trees and shrubs healthy during winter

The secret to helping trees survive winter is adjusting a care routine to suit seasonal growing conditions.

FARGO, N.D.- With winter hitting the region, it’s important to keep plants safe in the frigid temperatures.

Plant experts tell us it’s also a good idea to mulch your trees and shrubs.

It insulates soil and tree roots against extreme temperatures and slows water loss from soil.

Keep trees, especially those newly–planted, well–watered through the fall until the ground freezes.

“For our perennials, which would cover trees and shrubs, those you don’t have to do too much to prepare them for winter, you can do some pruning,” says Jillian Patrie, the  Outdoor Manager at Baker Garden and Gift

Trees can also be easily damaged by mice and rabbits.

You can protect the trunks of trees with tree guards made of plastic or wire.

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