Snow Leaves Downed Trees and Branches in Fargo

The city is cleaning up before the next snowfall hits

FARGO, N.D- Trees and branches collapsed on homes, cars and streets as part of the region got hit with the first snowfall of the season.

As areas of North Dakota and Minnesota got hit with 12–36 inches of snow, Fargo’s biggest issue after the snowfall was the downed trees and branches that blocked main streets and residential areas.

“The snow we have received, very wet, very heavy, caused some significant tree damage around,” says Lee Anderson, Fargo Public Works Supervisor.

The City of Fargo has been working since Friday night to remove any branches or trees on the streets that can cause an accident.

“Crew have been out, they were out most of the night, and they were out here again this morning, now we’re just kind of, we’re not really dealing with the trees that are just hanging from the weight of the snow, we’re dealing with broken limbs, you know that’s a hazard for traffic, we’re dealing with those, “said Anderson.

Anderson says he expects temperatures to go up by next week, hoping the snow will melt away on its own.

“We’re hoping temperatures warm up here, the weight of the snow will lighten and the trees will recover on their own,” said Anderson.

The city considers itself lucky, as conditions could have been much worse.

Anderson says Fargo is well–equipped if conditions worsen through the season.

“Overall, I think we really dodged a bullet on this one, and we can wait a little bit later date that we have to deal with these conditions again, ” said Anderson.

Snow showers are expected to end tomorrow and temperatures will increase to the mid–50s next week.

So far, there have been no reported injuries due to downed trees or branches.

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