Two Men Rescued From Elm River

It happened around 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning

GRANDIN, N.D. — The Traill County and Cass County Sheriff’s Offices rescue two men stranded in the Elm River for nearly three hours this morning.

Deputies found them in a pickup completely surrounded by water near Grandin around 5:00 a.m.

34–year–old Eric Kent and 33–year–old Chad Erickson, both of Grandin, told officers their truck went into the river around two.

Traill County Sheriff Steve Hunt says officers tried to use an aerial ladder truck to reach the men but needed assistance from two Cass County airboats.

“They said they were just talking to one another. didn’t realize the water was there until it was too late. They were already in. There was a swift current in the river at that point. The area where they were crossing is actually a taxis crossing or concrete low water crossing across the river and like I said the current was pretty strong and when they got onto the concrete it just swept them. We’re very lucky that they didn’t get completely swept off and down the river,” Hunt said.

Jahner and Hunt say they want to remind the public to abide by no travel advisories issued during bad weather.

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