F-M Kurds Respond to Nightmare Situation in Syria

The Kurdish–Turkish Conflict continues to escalate in Northern Syria after U.S. Troops begin their withdrawal from the region.

“I’m waking up with nightmares, what’s happening to people, because we are seeing what’s happening to people. We are seeing kids turned to pieces. It’s a huge pain.” said Dr. Azad Berwari, a Kurdish Activist living here in the F-M area.

American Kurds are getting cell phone calls at 3 AM and news alerts about friends and family injured in another bombing or attack in the Kurdish–Turkish conflict.

In early October, President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, leaving Kurdish resistance forces in the region to fend for themselves against numerous foes, including NATO ally Turkey.

The surprise withdrawal sent shock waves throughout the international community, and the nearly 2000 Kurds here in Fargo–Moorhead.

President Trump announced sanctions against Turkey by executive order on Monday night in response to heavy criticism about the withdrawal.

“This is not only hurting Kurds, but it is also hurting American national interests there. It is difficult to rebuild that trust that people had in us after this withdrawal from Syria.” said Dr. Berwari

The Kurdish community in our region is concerned that in their homeland people aren’t granted any rights, not even basic citizenship, making it impossible for them to go to school or receive higher education.

“We would love to be known as scholars and to be artists and different things but unfortunately because of our history fighting oppression we are known to be great fighters.” said Kawar Farok, another Kurdish activist in Dilworth.

“We value family, we value religion, we value freedom, and I feel like any American can respect that. We’re a democracy loving people, we don’t like dictators or oppressors, and we want to rule ourselves. Give me liberty or give me death!” said Kawar.

The Kurdish community here in the metro is continuing to drum up support for the situation.

“There was a demonstration last week Friday, and that was too little. We should have done way more than that. There will be more events.” said Dr. Berwari

They are asking the Fargo–Moorhead community to contact their representatives and continue to put the pressure on Turkey and Syria to resolve this nightmare.

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