Kurdish Americans Protest In Downtown Fargo

"we are a very persistent people we don't give up."

FARGO, N.D. — People armed with signs, flags and their voices,packed the streets in Downtown Fargo.

“Were out here protesting the fact that our people are still being slaughtered, our kids are being massacred, and nothing has changed,” Protest organizer Kawar Farok said.

Protesters say without U.S. aid and protection from the recent attacks from Turkey, Kurdish fighters who fought alongside Americans against terrorists are being left in the cold.

“Fighters in both parts of the world that have injuries that they can not get medical attention for in the Kurdistan region these people need to be sent out to America and the European Union to get treatment,” Farok said.

Zac Amia, who worked alongside American Soldiers as a translator for years, says both he and his friends still fighting felt blindsided.

“They can’t believe that we have always been together and stuck together fighting against terrorists and bad people now all of a sudden they say “we withdrawal” do you think its fair? I don’t think so,” Former translator Zac Amia said.

Zac says he was one of the lucky ones who made it through the lengthy Visa process that took him over two years, and now he worries his friends won’t get that same chance.

“But now because of those restrictions imposed on the visa process they always call me and saying “what’s happening in the US” and I say I don’t know much I don’t know more than what you hear from the news,” said Amia.

Protesters are trying to send the message that the Kurdish people share American values and want to put an end to the senseless violence.

“It’s coming down to little kids and wives and families being killed by a dictator, and if I know anything about America, it’s that we don’t like dictators, we don’t like Fascists, and we especially don’t like ISIS,” Fargo native Shakar Abdulla said.

Everyone out here says although this one demonstration against the injustice of their people had a great turnout, they won’t stop until they see results.

“And if nothing comes of this, we are going to do another one, and if nothing comes of that, we are going to do another one, we are a very persistent people we don’t give up,” Farok said.

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