Staying Aware of the Flu this Halloween

Doctors recommend you get vaccinated so young kids and seniors who can't get the shot are less likely to also get the illness

FARGO, N.D. — Before you go trick–or–treating this Halloween, Sanford Health is reminding people to be aware of the flu.

Family nurse practitioners say when you take the little ones out to get candy, make sure to use plenty of hand sanitizer as you go door–to–door.

Doctors also recommend keeping sick kids at home and getting the flu vaccine.

A nurse says flu season came even earlier this year, which is why the hospital is worried it’ll last longer this year as well.

“The more people who get the flu shot and do other things to prevent the flu, the less likely the spread and people who are six months and younger can’t get the flu shot, so it protects those little kids and also older adults who can’t get the flu shot as well,” said Autumn Nelson, a family nurse practitioner at Sanford.

Sanford has a flu blitz going on from five to seven at the Southpointe location tonight and next Tuesday.

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