North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Wants Your Vote Again

Governor Burgum made the announcement online overnight

FARGO, N.D.- His first campaign stop was in Fargo surrounded by friends, family and supporters.

Burgum highlighted some of his accomplishments from the past four years.

He talked about the progress on criminal justice reform and the Free through Recovery program that helps people battling addiction.

Burgum also talks about how he was able to solve the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in 72 days and build even stronger relationships with the tribes despite his support for the pipeline

Here’s what he hopes to achieve if he is re–elected.

“We know that we can harness the power of innovation to help deliver government more effectively and more efficiently. We know that we can lead the nation, we have lead the nation in quality of life, we have led the nation in clean air and clean water. We know we have to transform education and we’re putting a huge amount of effort into that,” says Gov. Burgum.

Burgum also spoke about the current farming crisis.

“Right now, the state is facing actually one of the most severe agriculture crisis in the state history with the flooding and the wet weather. We’ve never been in a situation like this and then the ranchers in particular which have few several support programs are out there and they’re facing you know unprecedented hardships. We got to make sure federal state, local county, we bring all the resources we can to support these people and their families,” he says.

He added that their mission is to improve lives, empower people and inspire success.

The North Dakota Democratic–NPL Party believes the governor has failed the state.

“The governor’s tauting cutting government spending and you know making promises to you know, continue to do the same. I think it’s really an empty promise because is that not only not happened, it’s not what we need right now, to make sure that we’re providing high quality services for North Dakotans who need them,” says Kylie Oversen, North Dakota Dem-NPL Party Chair.

The party hopes the next Governor of North Dakota will work with both parties to do what’s best for all North Dakotans across the state.

There are no other announced candidates for Governor.

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