LIVE: Masquerade At The Art Ghoullery

Free Halloween Celebration Friday Night At Rourke Art Museum


The Rourke Art Gallery is bringing back the Masquerade in the Art Ghoullery for a second year.

The gallery hosts a “Ghoullery” full of Halloween-themed art each year.

The Masquerade celebrating the season is this Friday, October 25th.

Artist and curator Mark Elton says the museum is adding more fun with live music and spooky puzzle games from Puzzled Escape Rooms.

That’s in addition to free food and drinks.

The entire event is free.

The Masquerade runs from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

The Art Ghoullery runs through November 3rd at the Rourke on Main Ave. in Moorhead.


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