Kurdish Community Holds Vigil In Moorhead

It was hosted by the Chira Global Development Organization


MOORHEAD, MINN. — Impassioned speeches filled the room at the Trinity Lutheran Church as residents, public officials, and members of the Kurdish community came together to remember the lives lost but to carry on the hope for those still facing oppression overseas.

For Azad Berwari, who grew up in the Iraqi section of Kurdistan.

The conflict in Syria is just a part of a long history of attacks against the Kurds.

“My brothers, my dad’s brother, my Aunt Kala on my dad’s side was a victim of biological war in an attack at the end of the Iran, Iraq war,” Moorhead resident Azad Berawri said.

Azad immigrated to Europe as an international student and then eventually made his way to the U.S.

He says it’s been a long struggle to get equality for the Kurdish people.

“In Turkey until early 90’s if you said even if you swore Kurd but you said the word Kurd you could go to jail for 6 months even if you cursed them,” Azad said.

Those at Chira Global Development, the organization that put on the event, say it’s all about getting voices like Azad’s heard.

“We reach out to the people and support them and whenever there are concerns or issues going on in the community we try and bring the community together,” Executive Director, Chira Global Development Ezat Alhaider said.

Azad says he has a message for why the US should stick with its Kurdish allies.

“Don’t leave an ally that is very reliable because that image is worldwide and people are seeing that,” Azad said.

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