Firefighters working on knocking down shop fire near Dilworth

CLAY COUNTY, Minn. – A fire engulfs a shop near Dilworth in rural Clay County late this afternoon and numerous crews respond.

Flames broke out around five and quickly spread to the entire building.

Dilworth, Moorhead and a number of neighboring town’s fire crews responded to help put out the blaze.

A few small explosions were observed and nothing in the building was able to be saved. Smoke from the fire was even visible from Fargo.

“It’s just a shed. It looks like it was a shop/holding shed that they have. There’s four semis in there, and we can’t tell what else is in there and we pulled it out with the scrap metal,” Dilworth Asst. Fire Chief Scott Payne said.

The State Fire Marshal will investigate the cause of the fire.

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