Elementary School kids surprise veterans with thank you cards

The cards were made yesterday as part of their lesson where they were taught about what it means to be a veteran

FARGO, N.D.- First Graders at Longfellow Elementary School walked almost a mile to the Fargo VA Hospital to give Veterans a thank you card, an American flag, and personally thank them for serving.

“We drew flags and then we would, we put in a note inside of it and then some of us draw pictures on the back too. We want to make the people who defended our freedom really happy,” says Longfellow Student Jude.

Veterans at the VA hospital say the visit from the kids was a pleasant surprise.

“It was really cute, I had this one little boy, he comes and hands me this card, and I didn’t know I was supposed to take it. I said that’s a nice card, and then one of the teachers says that’s yours,” says Veteran Ralph Lindstrom.

“Overwhelmed. Was very appreciative and glad they would take the time to do that. That the school would allow them to take time away from classes to come. And they’re very sincere. Thanking me for being a veteran. Asking me if I was a veteran. Heartwarming,” says Veteran Ron Berning.

They say that a lot of veterans who served in different wars and conflicts tend to be overseen and ignored.

“They’re so many different veterans from different conflicts and everything that a lot of them get overlooked and don’t get any recognition at all,” says Berning.

But adds that the region has always given veterans the best treatment and support.

“Not just Moorhead and Fargo, it’s West Fargo and all the different Veteran Organizations, churches and schools that take an effort to provide services and recognition,” adds Berning.

They say they will be spending Veterans’ Day drinking and enjoying time with family.

“Probably have a drink. But, I’m going to have one anyways,” says Lindstrom.

The first graders made their way back to school after handing out their cards.

Both veterans served in the military during the 1960s.

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