Tim Walz Makes Trip To Fergus Falls For Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener

This was Walz's first Deer Hunting Opener Trip As Governor


FERGUS FALL, Minn — Tim Walz, in his first year as Governor for the deer hunting opener, decided to make the trip out to Fergus Falls to try and get his first deer as Governor.
Mark Thoma, who got to be the host for this year’s hunt, says it’s all about tradition.

“That really is what the experience that means a whole lot more getting the deer, the deer is really that icing on the cake but It’s that comradery in that whole weekend experience,” Host Family Member Mark Thoma said.

Thoma says he can’t wait to pass on that same tradition down to his kids.

“Now we are really excited because I’ve got two young daughters when my brother in–law comes he’s got a young son, and so within the next year or two we can start passing down that tradition down to our family as well,” Thoma said.

Governor Walz, who is more known as a Pheasant hunter, says making the switch has become an endearing process.

“The planning that goes into it ya know you scoped it out, and this one is a little more social in terms of getting ready, and then you’re setting up kind of quiet and just watching the world wake up,” Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said.

Walz says the time you spend with family and friends out in the field creates stories you just want to share.

“Any time I come back to Fergus Falls, all the interactions around this weekend gives you a common touchpoint, and I think in an ever changing somewhat distant world, it’s good to have tradition,” Governor Walz said.

Thoma, who’s been hunting, for decades says this is a hunting he won’t ever forget.

“Every year, we mark down what we got and notable events this one is going to be pretty tough to top let’s just say that we don’t need to write it down to remember,” Thoma said.

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